The Aara Global is political campaign management company having it’s esteemed presence in the both the horizon, online and offline. We are the team of ground level professional working with caliber of getting the real time measurements and conclusions to our campaigns. We are precursor, in impression driven digitalized campaign, serving to the diversified areas of electoral base with the strategic and managed content with focus of creating the effective change in the voters reactions and their behavior in terms of voting decision. With a strength of 150+ experts and well-trained professionals we are forerunning to the achievement of all digital capacities.


What do we do in campaign?

In terms of creating the best effective campaign, we are emerged of the different units of creative and innovative professionals in order to reach to the intended outcomes by implementing the effective campaign. The composition of below operations, we perform in order to establish the best responding campaign are:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Approach and Plan of Action
  • Propaganda & Consent of Communication
  • Assessment

Research & Analysis

In course of crating the best effective campaign, we cross the peek length of research and analysis the voting areas, behavior of the electors, doing study of the expectations and issued of the voters, by organizing the research at the ground level through our team and taking thee grip of the study foundation for strategy possibilities to construct the digital campaigns.

Strategic Approach and Plan of Action

Engaged with the background of research and analysis, we construct the strategies fullest of scope with the focus of impression driven aspects of general behaving of public. Our Charm, we plan both the online & offline campaigns backed with the actual data of the ground zero, which is pushed to the action with keeping in mind the real time matters of engagement for maximum possible achievements.

Propaganda & Consent of Communication

Based on the gathered and collected analysis and research data from the ground zero and the strategies planned in list of plans to action to engage, we formulate the content with fusion of design, strategically planned and influencing content, in order to grasp and occupy the attention of the voters in the campaign and help them transform in the favor of engaging them with the campaign.


Our campaign specialist team evaluates the before and after campaign statues to analyze the key prints of the actual spectrum in course of usability of digital behavioral aspects to concisely define the scope of the accuracy and success of our campaign.


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